3 Reasons Why You Should Use a Union Square Parking Garage in Seattle

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Parking

Whether you need somewhere to leave the car while at work or need to park so you can do some shopping, it pays to choose the right location. Many people find that making use of a Union Square parking garage is the ideal solution. Here are a few reasons why this approach works so well.

One has to do with keeping your vehicle out of the elements. From the summer sun to the winter snow, it makes sense to keep the car or truck out of the direct line of the weather. Using a parking garage accomplishes that goal and will help you avoid several issues in the future.

Another has to do with having a covered space for getting in and out of the vehicle. If you used a parking lot, think of what it’s like to fumble around for your keys when it’s pouring, and you have packages in both hands. When your vehicle is in a perfectly dry parking garage, it’s easier to arrange things so you can get the keys out and unlock the door.

Last, you’ll find that the Union Square parking garage is well-lit. That’s an excellent safety precaution that may or may not be available with street parking. You can see all the way around your vehicle before walking over and getting inside. See it as a nice way to enjoy more personal safety.

If you haven’t given much thought to a parking garage before, now is the time to change that. Try it for a little while, and you may decide this is the only way to park.

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