3 Signs You Need Transmission Repair in Minneapolis

There are three signs that you need transmission repair in Minneapolis, one sign is obvious the other two may be hard to detect. Knowing the signs that your transmission is in trouble can help you to get the transmission repair in Minneapolis that you need to stay safely on the road!

The Signs

In most cases before your vehicle simply stops moving, there will be some signs that indicate that your transmission needs some help. Recognizing the signs early on can help to minimize damages:

1. The obvious sign-your vehicle does not go in one of the gears, for example, it will run in drive but not reverse.
2. Not so obvious-your transmission “bangs” into gear with a metallic thud.
3. Not so obvious- you notice a slight hesitation when moving from one gear to the next.

Sometimes the need for repair is obvious. The vehicle refuses to go into gear, it will only move in certain gears or you cannot get it out of a certain gear. In other cases, the signs are a little harder to detect because you think it is simply a normal part of operation.

The Bangs

Your transmission should move smoothly from gear to gear. You should not hear bangs, thuds or other loud noises when moving from one gear to the next. If you hear a loud noise when switching gears, you want to go have it checked out.

The Hesitation

If your vehicle is hesitating when you switch gears, it is a good idea to have a certified repair specialist take a look. Moving into gear should not be coupled with hesitation. The action should be smooth and immediate. If your transmission is taking a few moments to engage, get it to the repair shop that specializes in transmission repair. It is always best to know what it is happening with your transmission than it is to find out by breaking down!

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