4 Little Known Maintenance Tips for Automatic Car Transmissions in Virginia Beach, VA

by | Jul 2, 2024 | Automotive

Automatic car transmissions are intricate systems that require careful maintenance to ensure longevity and optimal performance. Beyond the usual advice of regular fluid checks and driving habits, here are four lesser-known tips to ensure that your automatic transmission remains in excellent condition.

Use the Right Fluid Type

It’s not just about changing the transmission fluid regularly; using the correct type is crucial. Modern automatic transmissions are highly sensitive to fluid specifications. Using a fluid not recommended by your car manufacturer can lead to improper lubrication and, eventually, transmission failure. Always refer to your vehicle’s manual and use the exact fluid type specified.

Install an Auxiliary Cooler

Heat is a major enemy of automatic transmissions. While your car’s built-in cooling system helps, an auxiliary transmission cooler can provide additional cooling. This cooler is especially beneficial if you frequently drive in heavy traffic, tow heavy loads, or live in a hot climate. An auxiliary cooler from a reputable dealer in transmissions in Virginia Beach, VA, can significantly extend the life of your transmission by reducing the operating temperature.

Regularly Update Transmission Software

Many modern vehicles have electronically controlled transmissions in Virginia Beach, VA. Manufacturers periodically release software updates that improve transmission performance and durability. Keeping your transmission’s software up-to-date can enhance shifting smoothness, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability. Check with your dealer or mechanic to ensure your transmission control module is running the latest software.

Perform a Torque Converter Check

The torque converter plays a crucial role in an automatic transmission’s operation, transferring engine power to the transmission. Over time, the torque converter can develop issues like lock-up clutch failures. Performing periodic checks on the torque converter’s health can help detect problems early. Look for symptoms such as shuddering, slipping, or unusual noises, and visit a transmissions shop in Virginia Beach, VA, if these occur.

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