4 Sounds That Signal The Need For Car Repairs

Cars are constantly making noises that are perfectly natural and expected, but when they start making strange noises you need to watch out because those strange noises may indicate that your car is in need of auto repair in Corvallis OR. Even if you are not very educated about cars and car problems, you can still easily recognize when your car needs repairs if you listen for these 4 sounds.

1. Screeching

If you car squeals or screeches when you apply pressure to the brakes, then you probably need to have your brakes serviced or replaced or you may need to have your rotors serviced. The reason your car makes screeching noises when the brakes need to be serviced is usually because the brake pad is worn and excess friction is caused as a result. This excess friction causes excess heat as well as the screeching noise that you hear when you slow down. If the problem isn’t taken care of right away then your brakes could eventually stop functioning completely.

2. Grinding

If your car makes a grinding noise when you apply pressure to the brake pedal, then you may need to get new rotors, calipers, or brake pads. Typically your brakes make a grinding noise if the brake pads have been neglected for long periods of time and they are significantly worn down. Grinding may also occur if something begins rubbing the wrong way against your brake rotors. If you wait too long to take your vehicle in for auto repair in Corvallis OR when it starts making grinding noises, then you could end up with much more expensive repairs.

3. Rattling or Sputtering

If your exhaust starts making rattling or sputtering noises, then you may need to have an exhaust component replaced or have other repairs done to your exhaust system. If you suddenly start to hear loud rattling noises from underneath your vehicle, then your exhaust system may have developed a hole somewhere that should be repaired.

4. Squealing or Chirping Noises

If you start to hear squealing or chirping noises that sound like they are coming from your hood area, then you probably need to have your drive belt replaced. You will likely notice the sound get louder when you first turn on your car or when you turn on the air conditioning. It is fairly inexpensive and easy to replace the drive belt, so save yourself the annoyance and take your car in for auto repair in Corvallis OR as soon as the annoying noise starts.

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