6 Tips for Repairing a Transmission in Mesa

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Autos Repair

A car’s Transmission in Mesa is one of its most critical and expensive parts, and drivers should take time when choosing a repair shop. The right shop will provide quality service for vehicles with manual and automatic transmissions, and they will work with customers to ensure an easy, enjoyable experience. Customers can click here for some things to consider when choosing a local transmission repair shop.

Get Recommendations From Others

Most people own vehicles, and every driver must eventually get transmission repair. Talk to coworkers, family, and friends to find out which area shops offer the best service. If a person has an experience, good or bad, with a local shop, they’ll be happy to talk about it.

Find a Shop With Trained Techs

The best shops will hire transmission rebuilders and techs with industry certifications. Take it as a good sign if ATRA, or the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, certifies the shop’s staff members.

Get a Written Estimate

After the shop evaluates the transmission and determines the nature of the problem, they should offer a written estimate. A detailed estimate will let the customer know what to expect, and completed repairs should be in line with the information provided. If extra work is needed, the shop should call the customer and explain why the job will cost more.

Beware of Very Low Prices

Most transmission shops have similar costs and expenses. If a person finds a shop that offers reduced-cost services, customers should wonder why. There is a high likelihood that the quoted price will increase significantly because of hidden fees or because the work is done to a lower standard.

Look for a Shop Offering Free Towing

Reliable local transmission repair services offer free or low-cost towing services to customers as a courtesy. This can be handy, especially if the vehicle cannot be driven due to transmission failure.

Ensure a Service Guarantee

Every good shop should stand behind its labor and parts with a warranty. The average warranty lasts for two years or 24,000 miles, and an ATRA warranty is a good option as well. If a potential shop does not offer a warranty, the customer should go elsewhere.

Many drivers do not think about where to repair a Transmission in Mesa until there’s a problem and they’re left stranded. However, if a customer does their homework and takes the& nbsp; time to choose the right shop, their transmission repair experience will go smoothly.

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