A Rebuilt Transmission Is an Economical Choice

by | Aug 11, 2020 | Automotive Repair Shop, Transmission Shop

There is a small but enthusiastic group of people who consider rebuilding a transmission a fun and exciting DIY project; most members of this group either currently work in Transmission Repair or plan to in the future.  But the rest of us consider it a big hassle to have to fix our Transmission.  Chicago IL has very cold winters and hot summers, both of which can be rough on your car’s transmission.  Getting your transmission fixed does not have to be a big pain in the pocketbook, though; a Rebuilt Transmission can be an economically sound choice for many vehicle owners.

Where Can You Get a Rebuilt Transmission?

The best place to go to get a Rebuilt Transmission for your car is an auto repair shop that specializes in transmissions; these repair shops are better with transmissions than auto repair shops that try to do it all rather than specializing in just one aspect of car repair. S-O-S Transmissions is a company located close to Chicago IL and specializing in Transmission Repair, including rebuilding transmissions.

Pros and Cons of Getting Your Transmission Rebuilt

Getting your transmission rebuilt can be a lot less expensive than getting a whole new Transmission Chicago IL.  Another advantage of having your car’s transmission rebuilt is that you keep the casing of the transmission while replacing all the internal components with new parts, which means that you can be sure that the Rebuilt Transmission will fit your car perfectly.  A disadvantage of having your transmission built is that the process can take somewhat longer than just ordering a new transmission from the manufacturer.  This is because the person who is rebuilding your transmission will need to order each part individually, and this can take time, especially if the parts are rare or hard to find.

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