Advantages Of A Salvage Yard

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Used car

Anyone who has been to an automotive wrecking yard knows that a lot happens there. It has at first glance an odd aura, feeling or looking something like a graveyard for cars as most of them are in pieces, dirty and probably not very good cosmetic condition. Yet, it is far more than just a final resting place for these vehicles. Junk dealers in Ft. Collins work hard to sort through all of the cars that come in to identify any functional parts on them. They must then work to remove them carefully and tag them for sale. This is where the salvage yard really takes form.

Junk dealers in Ft. Collins have an advantage over the average auto parts store because they often have specific parts for a car that are hard to find elsewhere if the car is older or not as common of a make and model. Salvage yards also help people save a lot of money compared to having to order parts from the car dealer which typically costs a lot more money.

If you have an older car, or maybe even a car that is not too old but that has been severely damaged in an accident and has been considered “totalled” by your insurance company, you may want to consider selling it to a salvage or junk yard. The process is very simple and most businesses make it very efficient and easy for you. For most companies, you would simply call them and they can provide a quote to you on how much they will pay you for the vehicle and then, often within an hour, they can have a driver and a tow truck come and pick up your car and pay you-in cash. This service of junk dealers in Ft. Collins can be of huge help to car owners that do not have the ability to transport their dilapidated car.

It is also recommended that you utilize the customer service of a good junk yard when you are in need of finding parts for your car. Call ahead to the salvage yard and tell them specifically what part or parts you need and they will let you know what they have in stock and what the condition is. Each part is typically rated based upon its condition. Then you can go and look at it but are under no obligation to purchase it until you have done so. Many salvage yards even have a return policy if need be.


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