Alternative fuel vehicles- a more beneficial alternative

by | Nov 11, 2011 | Automobile

Alternative fuel vehicles are the latest technology motor manufacturers around the world are investing in. Owing to the low levels of emissions associated with these, this idea goes down well with environmental activists. Also, the cars or bikes running on fuel other than that derived from petroleum are more economical in the long run. This roughly translates to indicate that solar and electric vehicles are here to stay. Barring the initial investment, there is little to be spent over fuel and basic running costs.

What are the possibilities?

There are several possible ways to power an engine.

The air engine invented by Guy Negre relies on compressed air as the primary source of energy. As the compressed air expands, it is used to drive pistons in a modified piston engine. An extremely efficient model, the only by product is cold air which could in turn be used to air condition the car. All in all, self sustained and very economical.

There are various bio-fuels like Ethanol, CNG, biogas and charcoal among others which can be used to run various kinds of engines.

A more recent development is that of electric cars. These alternative fuel vehicles are the most invested in, both in terms of research as well as manufacturing capital. These cars rely on the chemical energy stored in batteries which can be charged electrically. While one can always do the plug in and charge bit, a more innovative and cost effective way is to install a solar panel.

In the long run?

As is understood about all non conventional energies, as the idea is a new one, there is a sizable initial investment required. This however is paid off over the years what with the electricity or power generated virtually free of cost. The same is true for alternative fuel vehicles which might be costly to begin with but the pay offs are far greater than a conventional vehicle promises.

Fuel Vehicle

Fuel Vehicle

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