An Easy Tip for Picking Ford Dealers in Randolph

by | Apr 20, 2012 | Automotive industry‎

More people in America are choosing to go Ford Tough when it comes to selecting Ford Dealers in Randolph for their next automotive purchase. Although there are many reasons for this, the primary reason is due to Ford’s ability to manufacture a strong, well-built, American made automobile. The fact that they didn’t take any money from the Federal Government two years ago even strengthens their brand recognition.

However, many consumers can often be confused as to which Ford Dealers they should visit to make their purchase. And with many Ford Dealers in Randolph area, it’s even harder to decide who is best served to buy your car from. In order to make this process easier, here is a quick and simply thing you should consider when choosing to purchase a Ford from Ford Dealers in Randolph.

Make a Phone Call Before you Visit

It’s funny how much you can learn from a simple phone call to a business. So many businesses today have simply lost touch on the concept of making a first impression and this basic customer service communication method can honestly make the difference between people deciding where to spend their money.

When you call the dealership, simply make the call to find out what their business hours are, but make sure to take note as to a few things about the way they answer their phone.

1. How quickly do they answer? It might seem to you that the longer you wait on hold, the busier they might be, but honestly, there is no reason why you should wait more than 3 rings before somebody at least makes the effort to answer. This is simple business ethics and common courtesy and goes a long way to making a first impression.

2. How do they answer? If the person answering the phones is rude, and it’s their job to make an impression, don’t you think that perhaps this might be an indication to their customer service expectations? If they are pleasant and courteous during the entire call, that might be a great choice for you to physically visit their Ford Dealership.

3. Do they have the answers to your specific inquiry or did they bounce you around? If you are calling for detailed information, note how long it takes for you to get an answer. Good customer service begins with knowing who to go to for information when a customer has a question.

4. Is their phone system automated? This is kind of a hard one to determine whether an automated phone system is a positive or not. However, an automated system shows many consumers that they are up to date with the newest technology and can operate on efficiency. Perhaps another positive is they have reduced overhead and costs and can pass the savings along to you. On the flip side, a warm and friendly voice answering a telephone personally is a sign of integrity, honesty and dedication to great customer service. You’ll have to decide what’s best for you with this area; but keep this in mind.

When you call Ford Dealers in Randolph, you should ensure that they begin their customer service interaction with a positive phone call. The primary reason for this is because if they take effort in answering phones quickly and professionally, they most likely have the same dedication to other important areas such as financing, parts and service departments as well. Take a few minutes and call your Ford Dealers in Randolph before you visit them.

When you are trying to find Ford Dealers Randolph, a great tip is to listen how they talk to you on the phone. However, a great place to start is by visiting the professionals at visit us website who provide many levels of high customer service. Visit them today.

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