Auto Repair Cedar Hills: How Long Does a Tire Last?

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Automobile

Rubber manufacturers, tire-makers and carmakers have differing opinions on the lifespan of the tire. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) offers no specific rules on tire aging. Some carmakers ask their customers to replace their tires every six years from production date, despite the tread life. On the other hand, tire manufacturers insist that a tire should last up to ten years, as long as you get annual inspections after the fifth year carried out by auto repair Cedar Hills professionals. However, the rubber manufacturers say factors like heat, storage space and use drastically affect the tire lifespan. Browse website for more information.


Research carried out by NHTSA discovered that tires are likely to wear out quickly in warmer environments. Other factors that are likely to hasten the aging process include exposure to coastal climates and sunlight. Car owners living in the coastal states and warm weather should bear this in mind whenever they decide to retire a tire.

Storage Space

This condition usually affects tires and spare tires sitting in a shop or garage. It is crucial that you consider how the spare tire lives its life. In the event you own a truck, the spare is most likely mounted on the underneath of the vehicle, exposed to elements such as dirt. If the spare is in the trunk, then it is considered to be baking in a small oven. However, once a tire is inflated and mounted on the wheel, it is considered to be in service – even if it has never been used. Tires stored in the garage or tire shops age slowly compared to those in service in a car.


This is in reference to how the tire is been treated. When it comes to conditions of use, some of the things likely to affect tire wear include:

1. Is the tire properly inflated?
2. Has it been exposed to contact with the curb too many times?
3. Has it ever had puncture repairs?

Auto repair Cedar Hills experts at Du Fresnes Auto Service Inc recommend that proper air pressure should be maintained at all times. Other measures that will ensure you get long tire life include having them rotated and inspected frequently.

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