Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Automobile

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of owning a previously used car? Are you searching for a used car in great condition? Have you tried all your local dealerships but still came up with no car that appealed to you? You usually have to pay down payments when you take a loan out for a new car. These payments are usually 10% or greater. It is suggested to pay even more or pay more money up front. While buying a new car is significantly more expensive than a used one, price is not the only benefit of purchasing a used car.


As soon as you purchase a brand new car and drive it off the dealership lot, it immediately loses value. The first few years of your ownership will decrease the value significantly of at least 30%. Different models are worth different amounts, and certain models may be worth more than others as years pass. A used car does not decrease in value as you drive it home. Instead, value decreases on a used car with everyday use. If you care for your used car, the car could be resold for a similar price with consideration to the mileage and some other factors.

Save on Registration Fees

Car owners must pay a registration fee every year. This fee is based on the car’s model year and the current value. After the car is a couple years old, the registration fee drops. If you purchase a used car that is a couple years old, you could save about a thousand dollars.

Less Extra Fees

Dealerships tack on many extra fees when you purchase a new car. Even simple features such as pinstripes, anti-rust coatings, and other additional features can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. These fees quickly add up. Unfortunately, when you resell this car or trade it in, these features do not add to the resale value. Finding a used car dealership in Hickory Hills Park, IL allows you to avoid those extra fees that won’t benefit you financially.

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