Best Transmission Repair in Watsonville, CA

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Automotive

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the transmission. The transmission is responsible for automatically shifting gears instead of manually shifting them with a clutch. Over time, issues can develop which can cause your car to malfunction or breakdown. If you notice the gears slipping or a leaky transmission, then you need to get Transmission Repair in Watsonville, CA.

Delayed Engagement

You may begin to notice a delay before the vehicle starts to drive. There may also be a long pause when shifting the car into drive after it’s parked. This can prevent it from moving forward as the engine revs. It may also feel like it refuses to change gears or the gears don’t feel smooth.

Fluid Leak

You’ll need to get Transmission Repair in Watsonville, CA if you notice fluid leaks. Transmissions are designed to be sealed but can cause red or brown fluid to leak underneath the vehicle. If you suspect the car is leaking, place a piece of cardboard underneath the engine for several days to determine if any fluid drips out.

Warning Light

Aside from common transmission symptoms that can occur, you may also notice a warning light appear. Newer vehicles include computers that can detect when issues are present with the transmission. This will warn you to ensure you obtain Transmission Repair in Watsonville, CA. Warning lights indicate an error code has been picked up by the computer, which can be evaluated by an auto repair shop’s diagnostic equipment.

If you have questions about Transmission Repair in Watsonville, CA, contact them. The company can be reached on their website or by phone at (831) 728-4212

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