Breakdown on the Freeway? Tips from Your Subaru Dealership in Bend, OR

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Automotive

It’s a scenario that’s unavoidable at best, but it can still happen anyway: what should you do in case of a breakdown on the freeway? Being extra ready and having the proper mindset are just a few of the top strategies that will surely guide you out of a tight spot. Here are some ways to deal with your ordeal:

Preparing for a Drive

It never hurts to be too prepared, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) always reminds motorists. When going on a trip, always ensure that your car is road-worthy. Check the brakes, fluid levels, battery, and fuel. Are your tires inflated correctly? Be sure your spare and the necessary repair tools are ready, too. Your Subaru dealership in Bend, OR can also book you for a tune-up if your car needs some fixes before your trip.

Besides having the proper repair toolkit, the NHTSA also recommends having an emergency roadside kit in your car. This kit should contain a mobile phone with battery, signal flares or a flag, flashlight, jumper cables, a first aid kit, extra drinking water and food, and blankets or spare clothing. You’ll never know when these will come in handy.

Stay Calm, but Be Alert

In case your car suddenly breaks down on the freeway, keep a cool mind and don’t panic. See if you can slowly ease your vehicle to a safe zone on the road, like the shoulder. Be mindful of incoming traffic, and use your signals whenever necessary.

Before stepping out of your car, keep an eye for moving cars. Some drivers might not be able to see you even if you have parked yourself on the roadside. Make yourself more visible by switching on your hazard lights or tying a reflective flag to your antenna. If you have an early warning device, safely set it a few meters behind your car.

Assess Your Situation

Remember the exact place where the breakdown happened, and take note of highway markers, road signs, nearest exits, and the like.

Try to recall what happened before your vehicle broke down. Did you hear a particular noise? Was there steam or smoke from your hood? Did you notice any leaks below your car? These are essential details that you should provide once the emergency respondents arrive.

Make the Call

After determining the gravity of your situation, use your phone to call your automobile club, insurance provider, or the highway patrol. Listen carefully to their instructions and be as clear as possible with the details you provide. You will be asked to give the nearest possible location you can pinpoint and your phone number in case they need to call you back.

You should also mention if you have any special needs or traveling with young or elderly passengers, even with pets. As you wait for the respondents to arrive, send a message or call your relatives to let them know of your situation. It helps to keep them aware that you are okay.

As long as you are prepared and focused, you can stay safe on the freeway even after an unexpected breakdown. To learn more tips about car care and safety, check out Subaru of Bend near Eugene, OR, a premier retailer of new and used Subaru vehicles.

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