Buying a Custom Built Vehicle in Virginia: How to Get Your Money’s Worth

Maybe you want to build something that no one has ever seen before. Maybe you’re a fan of classic cars like the Land Rover Classic Defender, so you’re thinking of restoring and rebuilding one to its former glory. Whatever vehicle types that you have your eye on, here are just a few ways to ensure that you’re getting a good deal as you build a custom car.

Consider the Cost

First things first: How much money can you sink into your project? How much do you need to get started? If you expect to turn a profit later, how long will that take, and will the return on your investment be worth the initial flurry of expenses? Keep all of these questions in mind as you create a working budget.

Know Your Cars

You don’t have to be a technical expert in every car that’s ever passed through the manufacturer’s brochure, but if you’re thinking about building or restoring a particular model, you’ll want to have at least a basic idea of how it’s done. For example, if you love Land Rovers, research the stripping and refurbishing processes for Land Rover Classic Defenders. This can help you with everything from estimating costs to figuring out a reasonable schedule for completion.

Whether you’re focused on cars to drive around town or off-roading vehicles to explore the boundaries of wild terrain, these are just a few tips for spending your money wisely on a custom built model. Contact Paragon Defenders, Inc at to learn more.

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