Car Dealership Advertising with SMS Services

by | Feb 8, 2013 | Auto

It’s not uncommon for the average consumer to spend hours and hours each and every day staring at the tiny screen of their cellular phone. From emailing to texting to social media, there aren’t many things you CAN’T do on your cell phone these days. As a business owner, you should view this as a valuable opportunity to reach out to your current and potential customers in a whole new way. Have you ever thought about implementing a marketing strategy that focuses on text messaging? If not, here are some reasons why you should start.

Interaction is Key
With car dealership advertising techniques that focus in on text messaging services – you’re creating a truly INTERACTIVE service for users to take advantage of. It’s a great strategy for both potential and current customers. For potential customers – a simple “text to receive a promotional code” campaign could be all it takes to seal the deal on a sale. For current customers, a “text to enter this contest” promotion could be the difference between them staying a loyal customer or straying to one of your competitors. These interactive marketing techniques allow for consumers to both send and receive a message, giving them instant gratification along with more information about your business.

Get an Opinion
If you’re depending on customers to fill out a survey and drop it in the box on their way out the door, there’s a good chance you’ll never see that postcard ever again. However, a unique form of car dealership advertising is to run a poll via SMS text messaging. Those enrolled in your text campaign will be able to text their responses back and suddenly, you’ll instantly know that consumers are more interested in upgrading their windshield wipers than their stereo systems. Pretty useful for future marketing campaigns – isn’t it? This is just one example of the THOUSANDS of ways SMS polls can benefit your business in the future.

No Annoying Alerts
One of the nicest features of these car dealership advertising SMS campaigns is that users will be able to easily opt in and opt out of the service. This means that you won’t suddenly become the annoying, inconsiderate company sending out text messages to unwilling participants. The second a user is interested in opting out, they can simply text back and be removed from the list. Instructions on how to do so will typically be included with every message sent – so you can be sure there’s no confusion.


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