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by | Jan 28, 2015 | Automotive

Selling your car privately may seem like a good idea in the beginning, because everyone tells you you’ll get a better price than if you sold it to a dealer. But if you take a while to think about all the hoops you have to jump through to close a private sale, you may start to realize that selling your vehicle to a reputable dealer, who makes a living out of trading cars for cash, is the sensible way to go.

Hoop 1 – Handing Out Your Personal Information
You have to give your cell phone number to every person interested in your vehicle. Random strangers now know how to contact you. Then they want to come and see the vehicle and you have to give them your home address, as well as what time you’re usually in (meaning they also now know what time you’re usually out).

If a couple of people end up fighting over the car, and you pick one over the other to sell it to, the unhappy loser now knows your number and where you live.

Hoop 2 – The Test Drive
Here’s how it goes. A perfect stranger wants to drive your car. You have to go with him to stop him driving off into the sunset, never to return. He wants to drive hard and fast, to really put the “test” into “test drive.”

Hoop 3 – Getting Your Money
So you’ve found a buyer and now he needs to pay you. Getting cash for cars is only ever easy when you sell to a dealer. With a private sale, you run the risk of a seemingly authentic-looking cashier’s check turning out to be bogus. Or you have to meet in a public place to accept huge amounts of cash. The buyer has your home address, remember? And now he knows that you have lots of money at that address.

In short, if you want cash for cars, San Jose and the surrounding area is served by a reputable dealer – Autogator. They will be more than happy to arrange a safe, secure transaction that leaves you with a whole pile of cash, and peace of mind.

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