Common Brake Repair Services in Point Pleasant, NJ

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Auto

The brakes in modern vehicles have evolved considerably over the passage of time. In the past, simple hydraulic brakes were used. These were not very efficient, and often lost braking power over time. They were ultimately replaced by disc brakes, which became the new standard. Even today, millions of cars are produced with disc brakes. However, many modern vehicles now come with electronic brake systems which are not only more efficient, but can also provide improved braking power. However, such as any other component in your vehicle, the brakes also need repairs from time to time. Brake repair services are provided by many companies throughout Point Pleasant. Here are some common brake repair services that you will require.


If the brake pads or shoes have given way and you can hear a grinding noise every time you apply the brakes, you should take the car to get the brake pads replaced. This is one of the most common services offered by almost every company that provides brakes and car component repairs. You can take your car to a reputable place such as DeFelice of Point Pleasant Auto Center, to get the brake shoes and pads replaced.


If there’s an issue with the braking system in your car, you can take it to a shop for repairs. Companies that offer brake repair services in Point Pleasant, NJ also provide comprehensive inspection services. They will check the braking system from top to bottom and check the wiring as well to determine any problem with the braking system. Ideally, you should take your car in for a thorough braking inspection at least once in six to eight months to ensure smooth performance.

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