Conversions for the Dodge Ram 2500 in California

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Automotive

Many drivers in California use a pick-up truck as their daily ride. Driving a pick-up truck brings to mind images from the West of cowboys, rodeos, and open-road freedom. Families, singles, and working people alike jumped at the opportunity in 2006 to purchase the new Dodge Mega Cab pickup but wished later that it came in a longer box style. From this desire arose the popularity of companies offering long-bed conversions for these popular trucks.

For owners of the Dodge Ram 2500 in California, Precision Bodyline offers just what is needed. In order to make the conversion, the Mega Cab must first be lengthened by 20 inches with a crossbar added for support and stability. New brake and fuel lines are installed, quality-made of new stainless steel with no splicing. This lengthens the drive line an additional 20 inches and the whole assembly is then balanced as a unit. Then the bed is painted with long-lasting epoxy for durability and wear. Generally, the short bed serves as a trade-in on the long bed. Costs for the conversion can be around $6,000 up to $7,500 depending on the size of the truck. These conversions practically sell themselves -; the first one done in Texas sold merely by having it displayed as a demo at the dealership and the second before it was even finished.

So if one is in love with the Dodge Ram 2500 in California that one is driving, but prefers the flexibility and increased storage of a longer bed, go from short bed to long bed with a precision conversion. Companies such as Precision offer complete custom solutions in addition to performing lifts, installing lowering kits, and doing fender flares. They also can take care of any auto body repair or auto painting needs and do custom interior and exterior painting to a client’s specifications. Other accessories offered include spray-on truck bed liners and anti-sway stabilizing rods. Whoever one chooses will also be appropriately licensed, insured and bonded appropriately for the trade. Find the company that can provide the options desired. This company will help make the most of one’s truck whether with a conversion, auto body repair, painting or customization. Add function with the long bed conversion and flair with the other options.

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