DMV Registration in California

by | Feb 8, 2013 | Automobile

When you go to get your CA DMV registration, you are officially cataloguing your car with the government. This is provides authoritative proof of ownership and is a way for the government to tax you on property. Registration in each state is handled by the local Department of Motor Vehicles, although it can sometimes be called different things. In CA, DMV registration is overseen by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Registration laws are different in each state, but all vehicles must have insurance, and when they leave the DMV they must have a vehicle registration plate and a registration certificate.

In California, car dealerships are required to register all vehicles that they sell, whether new or used. In fact, they employ people just for this purpose, whose job it is to do all the CA DMV registration paperwork. Until recently, these registration specialists had to keep track of everything using paper calendars and logbooks. Not only was this time consuming, it was also liable to mistakes, and car dealerships were often forced to pay steep fines for mistakes made and overdue registration. In 2006, California introduced the Business Partner Automation program, which allowed car dealerships to file their CA DMV registration electronically. Another significant technological advance occurred in 2005 when the Motor Vehicle Software Corporation gave California a Registration Management System, or DMVdesk, which allowed the entire CA DMV registration process to be done online.

Most Californians buy their cars from third parties, rather than directly from the dealer. In these instances, the new owners must take care of the registration process themselves. They can choose to go directly to their local branch of the DMV or than can work with a Registration Service Provider, independent companies that will make sure all aspects of registration are done quickly and properly. Additionally, if a car owner moves, he or she must let the CA DMV know their new address within ten days. Otherwise they may be forced to pay a $178 fee.

While CA DMV registration may seem like a frustrating bureaucratic proceeding, ultimately it helps you, the car owner, giving you definitive proof of ownership. This will stand you in good stead should anything happen such as a wreck or theft. And with California’s use of Registration Service Providers, the process is easier and more hassle-free than ever. Don’t let yourself be subject to steep fines and legal trouble. Getting your CA DMV registration is a quick process that will ultimately stand you in good stead.

CarTagz, Inc. is an independent CA DMV registration service provider that is officially licensed with the California Department of Motor Vehicles. With excellent customer service, they provide a variety of services including vehicle registration and renewal, replacements for lost registration stickers, title transfers, and much more.

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