Do You Need a Radiator Replacement in Michigan for Your Semi-Truck?

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Automotive

The radiator on your semi-truck is a critical component as it keeps your engine from overheating. Indeed, a commercial truck engine can generate a good deal of heat. That is why it is imperative that your radiator works.

How a Heat Exchange Works

The radiator itself holds a mix of antifreeze and water. This solution moves through the truck’s cooling system and is normally operated by a water pump. Therefore, the pump directs the fluid through the vehicle’s engine. The heated fluid is then transported back to the radiator where the heat is captured and emitted into the air. When this process occurs, it is referred to as a heat exchange. Once the fluid is cooled, it repeats the cycle – flowing through the engine once more so it can be cooled.

Events that Lead to Radiator Replacements

If you need a radiator replacement in Michigan, one of some events may have occurred. These events can include the following:

  • The valves have become damaged
  • The head gasket has blown
  • The engine block has cracked
  • The pistons have been damaged

Downflow and Crossflow Radiator Designs

When a radiator replacement is required, one of two types of radiators may be replaced. Either the replacement is for a downflow radiator or a crossflow design. A downflow radiator features a bottom tank and a top tank. Therefore, the coolant runs vertically at the front part of the engine. A crossflow radiator, on the other hand, moves the fluids horizontally. That is because the coolant tanks are featured on the sides.

Make Some Cursory Inspections

To avoid a radiator replacement, practice preventative maintenance. For example, check your radiator fluid level, making sure it is set at the correct amount. Also, inspect the coolant tubes and hoses for leaks. The radiator cap should be inspected too. Because of vibrations, the cap can sometimes become loose.

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