Ford SUV Combines Sumptuous, Roomy Interiors With Class-Leading Safety Tech

The lineup of Ford SUVs in Minooka, IL, transitions into the next decade with an ahead-of-trend driver-assist safety tech suite. Each SUV in the Ford fleet, including Edge, Escape, Expedition, and Explorer, boasts its features of the suite, titled Ford Co-Pilot360. The suite’s capabilities present numerous driver benefits and advantages. Here are a few that epitomize the suite’s usefulness.

Hill Descent Control

SUVs typically have large payloads for towing precious cargo and families back and forth. Hill Descent Control comes in handy for pickups towing trailers as well as SUVs with packed cargo areas and vacation, or boating trailers hitched for family outings.

Hill Descent Control takes the dread out of driving downhills by automatically, gently applying the brakes as needed as you slowly negotiate moderate or steep declines. The added control provides additional support for optimal maneuvering and braking.

Evasive Steering Assist

Threading through heavy traffic is even more complicated when you’re behind the wheel of an SUV. Evasive Steering Assist employs sensors and radars to detect potential collisions, and it automatically engages brakes as required.

If the system finds that emergency braking isn’t the best option, Evasive Steering Assist helps you to safely, quickly drive around a vehicle directly in front of you to avoid a collision.

Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Backing up boat trailers and other trailer types put your driving skills to the test. Ford Co-Pilot360 Pro Trailer Backup Assist does all the hard work for you, condensing the art of backing up into the simple act of twisting a knob.

To use Pro Trailer Backup Assist, you enter a few measurements into the system, and then you rotate a special Trailer Backup knob to the left or right. Using a camera, the system tracks the trailer position and automatically adjusts it for precise, clean backup even at fairly sharp angles.

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