Get Quality Stopping Power Using a Brake Shop in Forest Lake MN

Every aspect of the automobile is important, but there is one system that every vehicle needs and it should be kept in the best condition possible. This is the braking system. Its primary function is to slow the vehicle down and stop it when required. However, a poorly operating set of brakes can cause a lot of trouble. Weak brakes may not provide enough stopping power for the distance available. This is an especially dangerous situation in heavy traffic where there is the possibility of sudden stops. To avoid this problem visit a brake shop in Forest Lake MN.

Brakes fall into two categories. The ones used on the car or truck will depend on the age and design of the vehicle. The typical setup is a set of disc brakes on the front and a set of disc or drum brakes on the back. Disc brakes provide excellent stopping power because they apply pressure to both sides of the rotor. Because the front brakes do at least eighty percent of the work, they tend to fail first. Indications of weak or worn brakes include noise from the brakes, a weak pedal or a pedal that requires a little pumping to get the brakes to grab. An experienced Brake Shop in Forest Lake MN can diagnose the fault and eliminate the issue very quickly.

The type of failure can often be determined by the way the brakes act. For example, if the pedal is spongy feeling or drops to the floor when pushed, there is probably air in the lines or a leaking seal in the brake system. Brakes work by hydraulic action. Fluid is pumped from the master cylinder into the brake lines and the pressure of the fluid operates any calipers or wheel cylinders. These parts are sealed with rubber gaskets that can wear down and lose their effectiveness. When this occurs, the best option is to have an expert rebuild or replace the failing components. While the brakes are being repaired, the mechanic may also want to check the rotors for grooves or other damage. To learn more check out

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