Getting the Perfect Faucet for Your RV Sink

by | Feb 15, 2013 | Automotive

Nobody wants the sink in their home to be subpar, and they probably don’t want it to be in their RV either. A sink and the faucet that is used with it can make or break how well the kitchen looks. Cheap sinks and accessories typically spring leaks easier than better quality made products, and they need to be cleaned much more often as well. When a person searches for a sink, they typically have a choice between several different construction materials to choose from. The first thing they will need to do is to determine what type of material they would like to have, and they need to measure their sink opening as well to see how large it is. Most sink cutouts in an RV come in a few different standard sizes, so this is important. A faucet is typically purchased when the sink is purchased, and most people want the material of it to match what the sink is made of, so it can have a look of uniformity.

Choosing Your Options When Purchasing a Faucet

6254534_lIf your sink is chrome, then there are plenty of affordable high quality RV faucets on the market to meet your needs. There are plenty of handles that come in chrome finishing as well, but occasionally you can have color options if you want the handles to contrast with your sink and faucet. Lavatory faucets are typically just simple handles, but you can get sprayers and other premium features if you are purchasing a kitchen sink faucet. Faucets can be special ordered to your specifications usually if a company doesn’t have what you want in stock. However, there is usually a large enough selection that you will find something to suit your taste without having to special order anything. Brushed Nickel, ceramic and other materials are also available if you want something other than chrome.

Only Purchase Faucets and Accessories from RV Suppliers

When you purchase a faucet for your RV, it is important to note that sinks and faucets may be made smaller than what you would see in a home. That is why it is important to purchase upgrade supplies for your RV only from an RV dealer, and not your local home improvement store. Some of the faucets will come with the mounts and accessories included, but you may have to purchase items separately depending on the product that you buy. An RV supplier will be able to tell you exactly what you need so that you don’t waste valuable time having to go back if you forget something. They usually have call centers available for people who are ordering online, or in some cases you may be able to talk to live representatives right on RV supply company websites.

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