Here’s What to Consider When Buying a Salvage Title Car

There are a few items in life that don’t lose their value once they are damaged. Newness has its perks, for sure, but can something like a salvaged car find new life and purpose, or pose higher risks to drivers?

Pro – Lower Sticker Price

It probably goes without saying, but a car whose parts have been salvaged from an accident should undergo a closer inspection before purchasing. A trained mechanic can give a buyer a better idea of the gull condition outside of the aesthetic draw that the average person could easily overlook. The benefit, though, is a lower sale price.

Con – Higher Insurance

The downside to purchasing a car with a salvage title is insurance red-tape. Insurance companies don’t want to be liable for claims related to conditions of a salvaged vehicle. Having a salvage title in the eyes of insurance companies deems the driver at higher risk.

All is not lost, and a salvage title can still be a great deal if you believe everything should be given a second chance.

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