How – and Why – to Sell Your Salvage Vehicle

So, you’ve got a vehicle that isn’t working well or has been severely damaged. What should you do with it? It may be tempting to simply write it off as junk and let it rust in a field or parking lot somewhere, but this isn’t the only option you have. You can sell your car for cash.

Should I Sell My Car?

This question is truly a personal one. No one can make you sell your car. However, there are some factors that make selling your vehicle a wise decision, especially if it’s no longer running.

  • Is your car badly damaged from an accident?
  • Is your car considered totaled?
  • Would getting your car in properly-running condition cost more than the blue book value of your vehicle?

In general, if you don’t foresee yourself being able to get the car running again, it may be time to sell it as salvage.

How Do I Sell My Car?

Once you determine that you want to sell your car, you have several avenues to do so. In many areas, there are local listings, websites, and forums that will help you sell your used vehicle. However, people are often far less prepared to pay for a vehicle that doesn’t run or is considered salvage. Likewise, putting the car in your yard or local property with signage on it is an option for some people, but many states and counties are outlawing this practice for health and safety reasons.

Looking to sell your car in Houston, TX without the hassle of listing it in local papers, on community forums, or on sales websites like Craigslist or eBay? Contact your local junk car buyer. They are prepared to pay you cash for your vehicle and are always looking to buy. Plus, they don’t care if your vehicle runs or not. Now, that’s a great customer!

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