How Front Loader Garbage Trucks are Used

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A front loader garbage truck can only be loaded from the front. There are two arms that fit into the slots of dumpsters to lift them, so that trash can be dumped into the top of the trucks. These trucks have proven to be much safer than rear load trucks, and as a result they are the most commonly used type of garbage truck in the nation.

How the Trucks Are Used

Front loader garbage trucks are mostly used in heavily populated areas and in commercial areas that use dumpsters rather than roadside trash cans to dispose of waste and recyclables. Some places where this type of truck would be used include but are not limited to retail strips, malls, apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels, and in residential housing districts. Large cities have fleets of these trucks, and private waste management companies use them as well. Small cities often use them, but not nearly as much as larger cities.

Top Front Load Garbage Truck Manufacturers

1. Peterbilt
2. Crane Carrier
4. Autocar

Why Cities Are Making the Move to Replace Their Fleets with Front Loaders

Front loader trucks are not only safer than other types of garbage trucks; they are more cost-effective to operate as well. Cities often face budget cuts and have to find ways to cut corners to stay within their budgets, so they look for any way that they can to reduce costs. The population is growing more than ever and as a result there will be more trash that will need to be disposed of. Standard garbage trucks often require 3 people to operate. These three people would include two on the back of the truck manually dumping trash cans from each side of the street and a driver. With a front load garbage truck only one worker is required, because they are much more automated than standard trucks. This means that cities can reduce the number of workers that are hired. Since this saves them a lot of money, many cities are making the move to add more front loaders to their fleets.

If you are considering making a purchase for front loader garbage trucks to upgrade your fleet, consult with a professional dealer and weight all of your options before making a purchase. Front loader trucks can be expensive, so you want to ensure you are getting the equipment that is right for your needs.

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