How to Choose a Dealership When Shopping for Used Autos in Casa Grande AZ

by | May 31, 2013 | Used car

The number one reason for buying used cars is to save money. However, you don’t save money if you buy a car for a great price, but then have to spend a lot on repairs. If you’re shopping for used autos Casa Grande AZ, choose a dealership that cares about the vehicles they sell. This is evident if you can learn all about the dealership and their inventory before you ever set foot on the lot.

Web presence is important when choosing a used car dealership. Conduct an Internet search on the name of each dealership that you’re considering and inspect the results. Does each dealership have its own web page, or is there only a white pages listing with an address and phone number? Favor the dealerships that have their own web pages. They have taken the initiative to help you prepare in advance to be a smart car shopper.

Once you’ve found a used car dealership’s website, browse to determine if their inventory is available to view online. If so, that’s a big plus. When browsing each vehicle in the inventory, look for a link that says “brochure” or something similar. You may be able to view all the specifications on the vehicle just as they would have appeared on the new car window sticker. This includes all options, fuel efficiency, mileage, transmission type, etc. The VIN number should be listed so that you can locate any reports of accidents or theft before seeing the vehicle in person.

Finally, notice if the dealership has taken the time to post any videos of the vehicles in their inventory. If they have, this is a great way to preview a visual inspection of the vehicle inside and out. This will give you more time on the lot to inspect the engine, conduct a test drive, and ask any questions you’ve prepared.

When shopping for used autos Casa Grande AZ, don’t just make a “cold call” visit to a dealership. Research your options first. The dealership should have a strong web presence. If their inventory can be viewed online with detailed specifications and videos, that’s a major advantage. You should choose a used car dealership that offers excellent customer service even before you meet the staff in person. Find your next quality pre-owned auto here at Heritage Motors Corporate Center.

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