How To Decide Between A Used And New Volkswagen In Orland Park

If you’re like most people, you’ve dreamt of owning a new Volkswagen in Orland Park. The thought of any new vehicle is exciting, but it may not be the best choice for you. Many times, a used car is a better option, for a variety of reasons. Learning to differentiate between the two possibilities can help you decide which one is best.

Trade-Ins and Down Payments

It is true that whether you consider new or used VWs in Orland Park, you’re still likely to have a down payment and monthly payments if you choose a dealership. However, pre-owned vehicles usually have a lower down payment and monthly payment than new ones. Plus, you can still trade in your current model, which can help cover the down payment.


A new car is going to depreciate up to 40 percent the moment it’s driven off the lot. If you’re planning to have it for a shorter period or don’t want to take the hit come trade-in time, it may be better to buy a pre-owned vehicle. They have already depreciated, so when you trade it in, you’ll still get a decent amount for it, depending on if you keep the car maintained and in good condition.


The one caveat to a pre-owned car is that you are likely to have more repairs and maintenance issues. However, dealerships are the best place to go because they do full inspections on each vehicle they sell. If something is wrong, it is fixed before it’s sold, or you’re told up-front about the situation. Likewise, many dealerships offer extended warranties, which can help cover some of the costs.

A used Volkswagen in Orland Park may be the better choice for you. Visit Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet now to search for the right one and also follow us on Twitter.

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