How To Find an Auto Body Repair Shop

by | May 15, 2020 | auto repair

When someone needs Auto Body Repair in St. Louis MO, they have many things to think about. Many people do not understand they can take a vehicle to the repair facility of their choice. They should also find a facility that will offer free estimates. This short guide will prepare those in need of body repair.

Be Prepared

It’s not a bad idea for customers to have an idea of what shop they would use if they ever needed body work done following an incident. This way, when the time arises to actually have auto body work done on their vehicle, they won’t be in a rush to look for a facility.

Insist on Original Equipment Manufacturer’s Parts

Customers should find a shop that only uses OEM parts for all repairs. Some shops have decided to forgo purchasing the aftermarket body parts that insurance companies prefer. The more reputable shops will only purchase OEM parts so they can repair the customer’s vehicle to its condition prior to the crash. Customers should insist on using original factory body parts, as this way they will know they’re getting a part that is of the highest quality, as it must pass stringent manufacturer and industry testing.

Better Parts Mean a Safer Vehicle

Another reason that customers should insist on their repair shop using original factory body parts is that aftermarket parts are not always tested or certified by their manufacturers or even by the insurance companies that encourage shops to use them. Aftermarket parts cannot guarantee that vehicles will meet the specifications set forth by the original manufacturer or even the testing standards mandated by the U.S. government.

Deal With a Local Leader

For over 35 years, customers in St. Louis, MO have grown to trust the professionals at Business Name. This is where customers can count on comprehensive collision repair with competitive pricing and a shop that will always use original manufacturer parts to ensure a vehicle is returned to its pre-accident condition. They will also offer a guarantee against any defect in workmanship for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

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