How to Paint a Car in Johnson County to Protect the Interior and Exterior

by | Feb 12, 2020 | auto repair

If your car is in need of a paint job, it’s important to understand how to complete the process correctly before you begin the procedure. Even if you’re having someone else do the painting for you, you still need to know the proper procedure to ensure it is done correctly. To keep your car looking great for a long time to come, then, here are some tips for protecting your car’s interior and exterior when you paint a car in Johnson County.

Mask-Off Sensitive Areas

To protect the interior of your vehicle, it’s vital that you mask off sensitive areas prior to beginning the paint job. This includes the seam around the door, which could be ripe for overspray if not properly protected. Proper protection of interior surfaces will also limit the volume of paint fumes that enter the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is drivable once the paint has a chance to set. While painting, it’s important to try and avoid areas that you have masked off to protect any tiny gaps that may have been missed by the tape.

Use Even Strokes

To protect your vehicle’s exterior when you paint a car in Johnson County, it’s vital that you use short, even strokes with the paint sprayer. This will help keep the paint coverage even, rather than having areas of over-coverage and under-coverage. Areas of over-coverage could take too long to dry, resulting in peeling or bubbling paint. Areas of under-coverage could leave the metal underneath the paint vulnerable to moisture, which will eventually cause rust.

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