How to Reduce the Risk of Major Vehicle Engine Repair in Centerville, OH

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Automotive

Without an engine, your vehicle is not going anywhere. The engine is one of the most expensive components to replace. By dealing with necessary repairs quickly, you may reduce the need for major repairs or replacement.

Schedule a Vehicle Inspection Each Year

An annual car or truck inspection helps detect issues before they cause more damage to your vehicle. The team at Centerville Service Center offers detailed inspections to help determine if your automobile requires vehicle engine repair. This will include a complete examination of the engine and all other components.

When you need vehicle engine repair in Centerville, OH, it is best to deal with the problem quickly. After a full inspection of your vehicle, the issue may turn out to be a simple problem that only requires minor repairs. By ignoring the problem, you are more likely to need extensive repairs later down the road.

Get Your Oil Changed Every 5,000 Miles

Motor oil helps lubricate the moving parts in your engine. When you fail to properly change your oil, you may eventually need auto engine repair. Without the necessary lubrication, your engine may become overheated. The excess heat and additional friction from the lack of lubrication may also damage other parts.

In the past, the typical recommendation was to change your oil every 3,000 miles to prevent the need for vehicle engine repair. As engines and other components have become more efficient and reliable, car manufacturers now suggest that you only need to change the oil every 5,000 miles. You can still follow the older recommendation. However, for best results, do not exceed 5,000 miles between changes.

If the engine in your vehicle completely fails, there is a good chance that your car or truck will be a complete loss. You may prevent this problem by taking proper care of your vehicle. Remember to follow these tips to reduce the risk of needing major vehicle engine repair.

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