How to Save on Auto Repair

by | Apr 25, 2013 | auto repair

There are several ways to save on auto repair; many of these are not typically thought of by consumers. However, by doing your homework and making a few changes to your repair and maintenance habits, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year. Here’s how.

First, stay regular on your maintenance. If you keep everything in working order and make sure all parts of your vehicle are in good condition, your car will be less likely to break down. This will save you repair costs.

Next, combine maintenance services. Many Auto Repair Orange facilities give discounts to customers who have two or more services done on one visit. You may also be able to pre-purchase maintenance packages in advance to get a discount on your next visit.

You may also wish to use a lower priced part or accessory to save on repair and maintenance costs. Many times, the house brand of fluids or parts is cheaper and the reviews are just as good. This can save you money as well.

Look in your local newspaper or do a quick search online for coupons for your favorite Auto Repair Orange facility. Many businesses offer coupons or discounts if you say that you saw their ad in your Sunday paper. Valpak and other coupon services also have quite a few coupons for auto service providers.

Keep an eye out for specials that are only offered for a limited time by your preferred Auto Repair Orange facility. Many of these auto service providers will have discounts or specials advertised on signage outside the location. Taking advantage of these specials can save you big on repair and maintenance costs.

Refer your friends and family to your favorite repair and maintenance provider. If they give your name at the time of purchase, some facilities will offer you a discount or other incentive as a thanks for the referral. This is another great way to save on repair and maintenance costs.

Car repair and maintenance doesn’t have to break your bank. Using these tips and tricks can save you big so you can use your money to buy the things that you really enjoy!

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