How to Tell the Difference Between an Automatic and Manual transmissions Florissant

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Automotive

For most of the population, there are two different types of common transmissions. Those types are automatic and manual. For professional drivers there are more types of transmissions. Here we are going to discuss automatic and transmission repair Florissant. There are a few differences between the two and we are going to see what those differences are.Let us start off with the first transmission type available in vehicles. When vehicles with transmissions first came available, you could only get a manual transmission. They are quite reliable and require the driver to use a clutch when shifting gears. Outside of North America and Australia, it is the most common type of transmission available in vehicles. Now, in North America and Australia it is quite common to find vehicles with an automatic transmission. This type will allow the driver to control the vehicle without having to worry about changing gears while driving. It also allows for people with disabilities more of an opportunity to drive themselves, if the disability makes it difficult for them to use a clutch to change gears.So, the basic thing here is clutch or no clutch. If you have a clutch then you have a manual, and if you do not have a clutch, you have an automatic. Either way, it just depends on your personal driving preference, unless you are restricted to automatic transmission Florissant only by the motor vehicle department. When you go to purchase a vehicle make sure that you check to see if it is manual or automatic, so that you know what type of footwork you will have to do while driving. Also, if you are purchasing a used vehicle, when test driving it, make sure to check how smooth the vehicle shifts from one gear to the next. If it is not a smooth transition, it may be a sign of the transmission going out. You may want to point out any transitions that aren’t smooth to the dealership or private party selling the vehicle, so that they can check it out before someone else purchases it.

Good luck, in buying your next vehicle and hopefully this small bit off information will help you see the differences in two common types of transmissions.

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