How Utilizing A Professional Car Wash In Wheeling, IL Will Keep A Car Looking Great and Prevent Exterior Damage

Though most vehicle owners don’t often think about it, a car is exposed to a lot of elements including everything from sun exposure to dirt and bugs in the air or salt on the road. If these contaminants are not removed, they may damage the exterior paint of a vehicle and cause chipping, peeling, and even the formation of rust. Utilizing a car wash in Wheeling IL will help to stave off the most common causes of damage and keep a vehicle looking like new.

Underbody Cleaning

The grime on the road is thrown back on the underbody of a vehicle and will lead to the formation of dirt on the powertrain and body components. If not removed, it may lead to a malfunction, impact the performance of the vehicle, and cause corrosion of fuel lines and other parts that are exposed. A car wash that utilizes an underbody spray system will remove this buildup and keep the non-visible sections of a car just as clean as the more prominent areas.

Paint Sealant Application

Advancements in car wash technology now allow companies to offer the application of a paint sealant product that prevents water and other debris from making contact with the painted surfaces. Most are clear, do not affect the luster of the original paint, and will help to stave off fading and peeling by offering an additional layer of protection from the sun and airborne dirt and debris. The sealant is usually sprayed over the car and allowed to air dry, which ensures maximum adhesion.

Rust Inhibitor

Few things are as detrimental as the occurrence of rust on the undercarriage or body of a vehicle. If left to its own devices, corrosion will cause holes to form, and once rust has set up on the surface of a car, it will quickly grow as the area is exposed to moisture in the air. A rust inhibiting product is sprayed during the car wash in Wheeling IL process and will minimize the formation of new rust while preventing any existing rust from expanding.

Keeping a vehicle clean isn’t easy, which is why more owners chose to trust a professional. The crew at Dundee Wolf Automotive use the latest products to keep a car looking spotless in any weather. Visit to learn more and take the first step in maintaining the exterior of a car or truck. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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