Is It Time For New Tires In Harrisburg PA?

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Automotive

Even the best set of Tires In Harrisburg PA is not intended to last forever. The day will come when the auto owner must invest in a brand new set. Here are some indications that the time has come and it would be a good idea to head to a local tire dealer without delays.

The Tread is Getting Thin

The tread on a set of tires is very important. That tread makes it much easier for the tires to grip the road properly and ensure that the driver is able to maneuver the vehicle with ease. When the tread is worn down considerably, that will affect the ability to stop the car quickly without going into a spin, or be able to drive safely during a storm.

The Tread is Uneven

When the amount of wear on a set of Tires In Harrisburg PA, it will take more than a front end alignment and balancing the tires to correct the situation. While those two tasks are also necessary, uneven wear on tires also makes them less efficient. For safety reasons, it makes sense to go ahead and replace those tires while the alignment and balancing are taking place.

The Tires Are Over Five Years Old

Perhaps the car owner only uses the vehicle sporadically, and then only for trips around town. With this low usage, it is possible for the tires to be several years old and still sport plenty of tread. The only problem is that the tires are also deteriorating from the inside. After the five year mark, it is important to replace the tires even if they still look great from the outside. Doing so will decrease the odds of a blow out and possibly leading to some sort of serious accident. While it is true that a new set of tires does cost a little money, that expense is easily offset by the safety that they provide to the driver and anyone who happens to be along for the ride. Take the time to work with a professional to find the right set of tires, based on how the vehicle is used. Doing so will ensure that the most benefit is gained while also keeping the total expense as low as possible. Visit us for more information.

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