Keep Your Car on the Road With Transmission Repair in Salem OR

by | May 21, 2020 | Automotive

Automotive transmissions come in two basic types. First is the older manual shift transmission which was the only option available for a very long time. Eventually the manufacturers developed a working automatic shift transmission as an option for buyers, but left the standard transmission as the default feature in many models of cars. After a while the ease of driving with an automatic transmission made this option much more popular and some vehicles came with this transmission as the default choice. Today, automatic transmissions are in many cars and when people talk about transmission problems they usually assume it is the automatic transmission they are discussing. Not because of a bad design, but simply because they have become so common.

When your transmission fails in Salem OR you have several options for repair. For example, a standard shift transmission may simply need a new clutch and pressure plate or the shifting mechanism may have broken. Standard transmissions are very reliable and can usually operate for hundreds of thousands of miles, but eventually they will wear down and the internal gears will begin to slip. A simple replacement of the transmission is usually the best option for transmission repair in Salem, OR in these cases.

An automatic transmission on the other hand can have numerous reasons for breaking down. Many of these are related to poor maintenance and old and worn transmission fluids. Automatic transmissions operate on a hydraulic pressure and require a clean fluid of a specific consistency for best performance. As the transmission operates the internal clutches will rub together and wear which releases sludge into the fluid. If this sludge isn’t remove during regular fluid changes then your automatic transmission is on the road to an early Transmission Repair in Salem, OR.

One other important Transmission Repair in Salem, OR is the transmission flush. This is a method of cleaning an automatic transmission in order to remove any old grime that accumulates inside the system such as that left from slipping clutches. While the mechanic has the transmission open they will clean any internal filters and ensure their are no metal pieces which could indicate possible problems inside the transmission. Transmission mechanics like those at Keizer Transmission will tell you that metal filings are a sign if serious wear inside your transmission and could indicate the need for a replacement very soon.

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