LED Lighting: The Whole Truth

by | May 25, 2016 | Auto Parts

A Federal Signal ILS is a modern shaped light bar that runs in a straight line and has built in multi-colored LED lights.  These allow for a 360 degree radius of light from a single light.  LED lighting is an expense that pays for itself many times over.  Due to their state of the art components, they have a far longer life than other options.  The use of conventional lighting means changing out the bulbs every few months or so since traditional bulbs generally last about 1,000 hours.  An LED light can have a life of up to 50,000 hours so your budget will thank you.

Bright and Efficient
Light bars are a drain on a vehicle’s battery whereas LED lighting does not use as much energy.  They can shine for hours without affecting your battery’s power and are a much safer option.  LED lights are far better than other alternatives due to the fact that their lights can be focused on a particular area.  You find that can see more quickly which can lead to faster response times. Since LEDs are so durable and pretty much impervious to surface elements like wind, vibrations, rain and even the roughest conditions they rarely fail or leave you in the dark in a dangerous situation.  Unlike regular lights which can burn out, break or even loosen up that rarely occurs with LEDs so your maintenance costs will be negligible.

A Proud Law Enforcement Supplier
Federal Signal Corporation was founded in 1901 and creates and makes products that supply police departments with everything from sirens and lights to the specialty seats required for prisoner transport.  They have their main offices in Oak Brook. IL, and are considered to be one of the leading suppliers of municipal governments in the United States.

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