Let Quality Transmission Repair Services in Indianapolis IN Keep That Favorite Vehicle on the Road

by | Mar 9, 2016 | auto repair

The transmission is arguably the most important component in the automobile. Of course, it might be useless without an engine to drive those gears, but the transmission is used for transferring torque to the wheels and for reducing the load on the engine so the vehicle can move faster. It quickly becomes apparent that the transmission allows the engine to generate more power when needed without any changes in the motor design.

There are two basic types of transmissions, although, there are several variants of these that are used for other purposes. The original model was a standard shift device that uses a clutch to release the engine from the transmission. This step is required to reduce damage to the system even though it may be possible to shift gears without the use of the clutch. Things get even more complex if the clutch is worn because it will need immediate Transmission Repair Services in Indianapolis IN.

The other model of transmission is known as an automatic shifting model. This convenience has been in use for multiple decades as well, but the automatic transmission has also undergone a number of adaptations over the decades. Improvements like overdrive, smoother shifting, and others have made the use of this transmission the preferred choice for most vehicle operators. There is a lot to be said for ease of use, especially operating a complex system like the automobile. Transmission Repair Services in Indianapolis IN can help by keeping this component operating as efficiently as possible.

One way to keep an automatic transmission from becoming a problem is keeping the fluid level correct and the fluid clean. In fact, a trained mechanic like those at Pete’s Service Center can flush out the transmission and eliminate much of the gunk that causes problems. This issue happens because the automatic transmission has a number of thin gears and clutches that work together to drive the vehicle. When those gears slip during shifting, they leave bits of debris inside the unit. Eventually, this gunk can block the small channels inside the transmission and cause it to fail. Forcing clean fluid through the transmission washes away most of this gunk so the transmission operates cleaner.

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