Lincoln Car Dealers List Simple Tips for Driving in Wintry Conditions

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Autos

Along with cold temperatures, winter weather also brings unpredictable and adverse driving conditions. Drivers need to be extra careful if they plan to drive on snowy, icy, or wet roads. Thankfully, Lincoln car dealers around Covington, LA, share some simple, essential tips on how drivers can prepare and protect themselves when driving in wintry conditions.

Check Out the Road Conditions Before Heading Out.

Before everything else, you need to plan your trip by looking at the conditions of all possible routes to your destination. This should include road closures, chain controls, and other pertinent updates that would either slow you down or delay your trip entirely. Local governments often use social media like Twitter to update citizens of the weather conditions in their area, so it is also better if you can follow those.

Is Your Car Winter-Ready?

Lincoln dealerships around Covington, LA, agree that keeping your car in good shape will significantly reduce the probability of getting into accidents or any mishaps brought about by driving on sleet or snow. Owners should give their vehicles a complete and thorough checkup to ensure their safety on the road. The electrical system, specifically the battery, requires special attention as extreme temperatures can affect its performance. Car owners should also check if their exhaust system is clear of blockage and the heating/cooling system works properly.

Consider Changing Your Tires.

Lincoln car dealers usually recommend changing your car tires to snow tires, specifically designed to work even under severe wintry conditions. All four tires must be of the same size, type, and speed rating for better control and stability while driving.

Some states allow drivers to install tire chains and traction tires. However, you should still check with the local transportation office before driving with studded or tire chains. For example, those who will pass through Washington State should know that driving with tire chains is only legal from November 1 to March 31, while Massachusetts allows the use of studded tires longer (from November 1 to May 1).

However, if you are blessed to live in an area where you only need to worry about light snowfall, all-season tires should do the trick.

Update Your Car Emergency Kit To Be Winter-Ready.

You should always keep a car emergency kit in your trunk just in case. However, what that kit should contain must depend on the season. For winter, it only makes sense that you fill your emergency kit with things that will be helpful in case you find yourself stuck in the middle of a bad snowfall.

Aside from the staple warning devices, booster cables, a first aid kit, a flashlight and extra batteries, snack bars and bottles of water, and road maps, you should also include a snow shovel, snow brush, ice scraper, an extra pack of warm clothing (jacket, gloves, socks, etc.), tow rope, and a bag of kitty litter (or sand).

Want to learn more informative driving tips for winter? Check out Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in the New Orleans, LA area.

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