Lincoln Car Dealers Say That It’s Time to Prepare Your Car for Spring

Snow, sleet, road salt, and cold weather can cause all kinds of damage to your car. So, unless your vehicle spent all winter gathering dust in the garage, it is a good idea to give it some much-needed TLC before driving it out on the road again this spring. For this reason, Lincoln car dealers around Covington, LA, compiled a shortlist of tips that would help car owners get their vehicles road-worthy for spring.

First Step: Wash your car!

You should make it a habit to wash your car regularly, mainly when the season changes. This way, you can remove all the debris left behind by the previous season. All the road salt, dirt, snow, and grime accumulated by your vehicle throughout winter can cause irreparable damage if not removed.

As soon as the weather permits, you should wash your car starting from the bottom and working all the way up. Try to wash every exposed area in your undercarriage to remove foreign materials, specifically road salts, which can corrode your car parts. If you have garden sprinklers, you can get creative and use them instead of washing everything with a garden hose. Or you can go to a professional car wash for some deep and thorough cleaning.

Second Step: Get Your Wipers and Tires Checked.

For those using winter tires, now is the time to change them to more appropriate all-season tires. However, if you are like most Americans who use all-season tires all year long, consider taking time to inspect them. Lincoln dealerships around Covington, LA, pointed out that the cold weather can take a heavy toll on your tires and wiper blades. Fortunately, many auto shops can check both, so you don’t need to go to separate shops.

Tires are especially prone to cracking when the temperature gets below 20 degrees. Check for signs of tire damage before embarking on a springtime road trip. It might also be an excellent time to check your tires’ pressure and get them rotated and aligned. Also, you should never forget to inspect your spare tire as its quality can still deteriorate even if you have not used it.

Moreover, consider replacing your wiper blades with new ones. You need them in excellent condition to keep your windshield clean and clear, especially if you need to drive in the middle of a spring shower.

Third Step: Get a Trusted Mechanic to Check Your Brakes.

Road salts can also weaken your brakes’ condition. For safety reasons, you should consult a trusted mechanic and have them inspect your brakes. You might need to replace your brake pads at this point. While it certainly will cost you to get your brakes properly checked and lubricated to ensure that they will work properly, your (and your family’s) safety should always come first.

If you want more pro tips in preparing your vehicle for spring, then you should check out Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in the New Orleans, LA area.

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