Options When Your Car Is Totalled

The phrase “accidents happen” is one that is commonly heard and used by most people at some point. If you have been the unfortunate one involved in a car accident, you have probably even said it yourself. If the accident you have been involved in recently has left you with a totalled vehicle, you will find yourself shopping car dealers in San Luis Obispo. Before you get too far down what may seem like the “normal” path of going to a new car dealership, you should consider purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Buying a used car can save you a tremendous about of money not only immediately for the purchase but in overall value because, as everyone knows, you lose a great amount of value in a new car purchase the moment you drive it off of the lot, let alone over the first year to year and a half that you own it. Many used cars even still come with factory or dealer warranties if you purcahse them through reputable car dealers in San Luis Obispo. You will find that purchasing a used car can give you the option to get a better car or one with more upgrades or features than you could have afforded in a brand new car.

It is always a good idea in a totalled car situation to first settle your claim with the insurance company that is responsible for the accident coverage. This way you will know how much money you are to receive for your existing car and can give you a start on creating a budget for shopping for your new car (whether truly new or new to you). Then you will want to look at your finances and decide if the amount you have received from the insurance company is sufficient to purchase a new vehicle with, either in full or for an appropriate down payment, and from there look at any financing options if you will need them.

From this point, you will want to get an idea of what type of car you will need. Perhaps you were single when you bought your last car but now are married and have three children. This could be an opportunity to purchase a car that is more appropriate for handling the needs of a busy family. Or, maybe your kids have finally left and you can look at a smaller, more “fun” car. Either way, the car dealers in San Luis Obispo will have many options for you and the used cars can offer great value.

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