Proper Maintenance with Automotive Services in Redding, CA

When you own an automobile, you have a responsibility to care for it properly. Otherwise, it may not run well when you need it too. There are a few things that need to be done to your car on an annual basis. Some may need to be done sooner. When you go for your annual inspection, you can find out if anything needs to be repaired on your car. Your fluids need to be replaced, brakes checked, and your tires rotated. An oil change is more important than most people realize. This needs to be done more often when you drive a lot. The engine can be completely burn up if proper oil is not added and changed out regularly.

Annual Check

An annual inspection is required in most states. This ensures that the people on the road are driving safe vehicles. When you show up for this inspection, your car is checked for proper emissions and functioning. This is a good time have the engine checked if you have not done so recently. When you seek automotive services in Redding, CA, you can request things like oil changes and tune ups to keep your car healthy. During the annual inspection, you can also expect to be made aware of any repairs that may need to be completed. Regular maintenance is available with professional automotive services.

Oil Change

It is usually recommended that you have your oil changed every time your drive 3,000 miles. In between changes, you should check the oil level regularly. This is an important part of keeping your engine running clean. The oil in your car may become thick and polluted the more it runs through your engine. It is necessary to seek automotive services when it is running low or time for a change. Low oil may indicate a leak or oil that has not been changed in far too long. Your engine can eventually overheat and burn up when you do not care for the oil in your car. The professionals at Major Muffler & Auto Repair can easily complete an oil change for you.

Automotive maintenance is a necessity when you own a car. There are things that must be done on a regular basis to keep the car running well. Take the time to have your engine and oils checked when you go for your annual inspection. This can help you stay informed and keep things up-to-date.

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