Reasons Why You Should Test Drive a New or Used Vehicle Before You Buy

When you purchase a pair of slacks or a dress, you have a size in mind because you want it to fit. Similar forethought is needed before buying a car. A test drive helps you to find the vehicle that’s a match for you.

Preparing for a Test Drive

A test drive requires planning. Before visiting the lot or showroom, study cars and try to narrow your interest to two or three of them. Contact the dealer for an appointment and to discuss details of the test drive.

Before leaving home, measure your parking space or garage. When you visit the car dealership, take along the large items that you use often. Perhaps that will be a car seat or musical instruments. Learn whether they will fit. Don’t forget to include the mirrors in measuring the width of the vehicle once you’re at the car seller.

At the Car Lot

Regardless of where you take the car for the test drive, there are basic assessments to make while driving, such Is the seating comfortable? Do you like the feel and accessibility of the controls? Can you back up safely? Does the vehicle have the technology needed for you to use your electronic devices?

The Test Drive

Try to simulate the conditions that you usually drive under. If you’re on the highway a lot, taking the car, truck, or SUV there is a good suggestion. If stop-and-go traffic is where your vehicle usually is, perhaps you’ll be able to test drive on the streets. As you drive, how is the braking and the steering? Can you make a 90-degree turn with ease? If you have the opportunity to parallel park, how did that go?

Don’t Stop with Testing One Lot for a Used Dodge in Michigan City

Don’t limit yourself to just your first choice. On the same day that you shop for a used Dodge in Michigan City, also test drive the other cars you’re ready to consider. Contact to schedule your appointment for a test drive to whittle your selection down to one.

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