Repair Or Replace A Damaged Windshield?

If the windshield on your car gets chipped or cracked the question invariably arises; “does it need replacing or can it be repaired?”

You don’t have to live on a country lane with loose gravel flying around, road debris is everywhere, and a small pebble or other hard object can easily be thrown up and impact the windshield. With the amount of debris on the roads and highways, it is quite amazing that windshields last as long as they do.

As a vehicle owner, when do you have to get new auto glass in Chicago and when can the damage be repaired?

Windshield damage repair:

For a windshield to be effectively repaired the damage must be quite small and, regardless of size, the damage must not affect the drivers forward vision. Throughout the industry, there is a generally accepted rule of thumb; if the damage cannot be completely covered with a dollar bill; new auto glass in Chicago must be installed.

In instances where the damage can be repaired the process usually takes less than half an hour and is not expensive. To perform the repair, the technician usually drills a very small hole directly into the cracked area, this allows for a good path for the resin that will be injected. The resin that is used keeps any moisture and dirt out; once it has dried the crack is all but invisible.

Windshield replacement:

If the damage is such that new auto glass in Chicago is a must the first step is to remove the damaged windshield. The frame that surrounds the glass is thoroughly cleaned. To ensure a bond equal in strength to the factory fit, a bead of urethane is placed around the circumference of the frame. The replacement windshield is set in place, and any trim is reinstalled.

If you do get a chip or crack on your windshield, it is extremely important that it either be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

If you need new auto glass in Chicago, you are invited to contact Frank’s Auto Glass. If visiting the shop is not convenient, Frank’s Auto Glass can replace or repair your windscreen in your driveway or office parking lot.

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