Routine Maintenance

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Auto

When you want your automobile to operate optimally for many years, you should take it to an expert for routine service several times a year. Most drivers bring a vehicle in for a tune-up in the autumn to prepare it for the difficult winter weather conditions that include dropping temperatures. This Audi service in Chicago includes changing the oil and the oil filter along with making sure that there is enough antifreeze in the automobile. Additional services for a tune-up might include performing a diagnostic on the vehicle’s battery, alternator and electrical system to verify that it will continue to start during snow and ice storms.

Spring Tune-up

Experts also suggest that you have Audi service for Chicago area vehicles in the spring to prepare the automobiles for the hot summer temperatures. The coolant level in the engine is checked, and the mechanic will test the air conditioner to make sure that it is operational. This is a good time to get the oil changed again, and your mechanic will check the power steering fluid or windshield wiper fluid. A great mechanic will inspect your automobile’s belts, hoses and tires for any problems that may indicate that an item needs replacement.

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With Audi service in Chicago, the mechanic will start your vehicle to listen to its engine to notice any problems such as poor timing sounds from the spark plugs and ignition system. He may test-drive it to determine if the brakes are working correctly or that the steering system isn’t difficult to use. By having your vehicle worked on at least two times a year, you will have peace of mind while driving during inclement weather. If you drive your automobile a lot, then having additional tune-ups is recommended.

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