Safety Tips for New Motorcyclists

by | Jan 7, 2015 | Auto

If you are a new motorcyclist who has spent plenty of time on your ICBC Motorcycle Practice Test and finally have your license there are a few things you can learn to make your first trips safe.

The Right Bike

Once you get your ICBC license it is easy to picture yourself as a character in “Easy Rider” heading out on your super hog. However you really have to start small in order to get used to the power of handling a larger bike. Never buy a bike you can’t handle. Instead speak to your dealer and find out what they recommend based on your experience. A new rider who does mostly city driving usually drives a bike with a 250 to 300 cc motor to be safe. There are exceptions to this rule based on the type of driving you might be doing. If you are planning to do mostly highway driving than it might make more sense to go for 500 to 700 cc to give you the power to accelerate as required. As well anti lock brakes are safer for new drivers and can actually reduce the fatality risks by 37 percent. You will have better control when stopping as well as when steering. This will also help you avoid falling off of the bike if you go into a skid.

Safe Driving Practices

You might be surprised to hear that 60 percent of accidents involving cars and motorcycles are the fault of the person driving the car. Many people assume motorcyclists are the dangerous drivers and your best bet to stay safe is prove them wrong. Learn defensive skills that will help you anticipate the mistakes and misjudgements other drivers on the road might make when it comes to motorcycles. Avoid the clichés of dangerous motorcycle driving such as weaving in and out of traffic or worse making your own lane between cars. Avoid riding in bad weather and when caught unawares try to pull over to safety and wait it out. Never drive off the road onto the gravel or grassy roadside as it is very easy to miscalculate the integrity of the new surface and wipe out or lose control of your motorcycle.

Watching for hazards on the road and getting to know your bike will help prepare you for your initial motorcycle driving. As well, before your test, motorcycle practice tests in ICBC can help reduce the risk of failure.

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