Semi Truck Repair: 6 DIY tips for starting your semi truck

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Truck Repair

The Semi Truck Repair business is a size-able market in the United States. With over a hundred thousand truck repair businesses operating in the country, the overall market revenue is estimated to be worth almost $30 billion. There are many workers employed to drive long distances and it is very common for trucks to experience problems and require specialist repair and maintenance services.

That being said, there are a many ways you can fix your truck by yourself. If you find you cannot start your truck’s engine, chances are that the problems are not severe enough for you to take it to a mechanic. So if you do not want to unnecessarily break your routine to visit a mechanic, here are 6 DIY tips you can implement.

Check your cables

One of the simplest reasons as to why your truck might not be starting is that the truck’s cables might have been disconnected due to it being loose. Just pop the hood of your truck and see which cables are loose and need reconnecting. This should be sufficient for your truck to start again.

Are the sensors working?

In addition to the cables that require being properly connect for you to switch on the engine, there are also a host of sensors that must function smoothly in order for the truck to start. Therefore, check if all the sensors are working properly. If one or more sensors have become faulty, only then your semi might have to undergo proper maintenance from a mechanic.

Check your truck’s battery

There is no car or truck without a proper functioning battery. If your feel that your semi truck’s battery is not connected properly and is turning over, then it is essential for you to reconnect it properly. Furthermore, it might be useful for you to always keep an extra set of battery so that you do not land in emergency situations during work.

Check the fuel meter

Sometimes, we really show our human side and forget to have our semi’s refueled for a long distance drive. If you find that your semi truck is not starting, then you may find that your fuel meter is zero.

Glow Plugs

It may be that the glow plugs in your semi truck cause your truck to start after a couple of seconds. Glow plugs are important for helping your semi fuel self-combust in cold weather. So if you have glow plugs in your semi, your semi should start after around 20 seconds.

Ignition Lock

It may be that you have your ignition locked switched on which may be preventing you from starting your car. An ignition lock is a safety feature in semi trucks to prevent it from moving if you happen to accidentally press the acceleration pedal. Simply turn the lock off and you should be able to drive without any problems.

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