Signs in Davenport, IA That Indicate an Oil Change Is Needed

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Auto

When it comes to performing maintenance on a car, one of the most fundamental steps a car owner needs to take is changing the oil on a regular basis. Here are a few signs that would indicate it is time for you to visit a shop offering an oil change service in Davenport, IA.

Modern cars usually do not release exhaust that is visible from the tailpipe. If you notice smoke or exhaust trailing behind your car, you need to take this problem seriously. Smoke or excessive exhaust indicates that the motor oil is not functioning properly. It is likely old and needs to be changed. Issues with exhaust can also point to a cracked gasket or other serious engine issue.

When an engine is lubricated, all the parts in the engine work together smoothly. When the oil is old, thin, or poorly textured, the engine will start to make noise. You may hear a knocking or ticking sound when you are driving your car. Never ignore strange noises that are coming from your vehicle. They could indicate that an oil change service in Davenport, IA is needed.

You know about how far you will be able to get on a full tank of gas. If you notice that your vehicle is not as fuel-efficient, you may need an oil change. It is also important to pay close attention to indicators in the vehicle that there are mechanical issues. For example, never ignore a check engine light that is on.

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