Signs that You Need an Oil Change

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Automotive

You can tell when the motor oil is dirty and old by simply looking at it. Fresh motor oil will be clear and amber or dark brown in color. Whereas with older oil that needs to be changed is murky and dark. When checking your oil pay attention to see how it looks, especially if it has been a while since you have had an oil change or it has been over 3,000 miles. Another sign to look for is if the oil level is constantly lower than it should be. Last but not least, most automobiles have an engine oil light that will inform you when it is time to change your oil. Getting an oil change is affordable and easy. It is also a regular part of your vehicles maintenance that should never be neglected. Skipping a much needed oil change can cause damage to your engine so make certain to have it done. If your car needs an oil change you should turn to a well-established auto shop like Bi-State Auto Service Center that offers quality and affordable oil changes in Moline IL.

Why Do You Need to Have the Oil Changed?

In order to completely understand why you need to have your oil changed, you will need to know what the oil does for your vehicle. There are 2 main purposes, first the oil keeps all parts well lubricated. It covers all the components of an engine with a thin film which can keep them from rubbing together. Secondly, fresh oil will remove bits of metal, chemicals and other impurities from an engine. If you do not get an oil change, parts lose their lubrication and the components of the engine will begin to rub together and that will cause friction. This will not only wear down the components of an engine, but also cause excess heat that can result in your automobile to overheat. Sludge will build-up in your engine and will need to be professionally cleaned by a technician.

Time to Get an Oil Change

It is time to get an oil change. You can prevent serious damage and problems to your engine by getting routine oil changes. If you choose not to change your oil frequently then your automobile will experience wear and tear as well as increased oil consumption, loss of performance and decreased fuel economy. For more information about oil changes in Moline IL, contact Bi-State Auto Service Center by visiting their website today.

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