Signs You May Need Suspension Repair in Chesapeake, VA, Very Soon

by | Mar 24, 2020 | auto repair

The first sign that you may notice is that your car becomes extremely rough. Instead of moving down the highway smoothly, you feel like you are riding a wild bronco.

Go stick a Lincoln penny in the outside tread of your tires. Then, stick it in the middle. If you notice that you can see various parts of President Lincoln depending on where you put the penny, then your tires are wearing unevenly. A suspension that needs repair is a common reason for this.

The third sign that you may need suspension repairs in Chesapeake, VA, is that your car is drifting when you turn a corner or go around a curve. This increases the chance of a rollover, so do not ignore this important sign.

Once your mechanic puts your car up on a lift, then ask him or her if they see any signs of oil. An oily appearance underneath your car may mean that your suspension has seen its better days.

Another sign that you might need suspension repairs is that the front end of your car goes down when you stop. This is another sign that you do not want to ignore because a bad suspension can increase stop time by 20 %.

A bounce test is an effective way to know if you need to have your suspension checked. Start by standing at the front wheel of your car. Put all your weight on the hood and bounce your arms up and down. Then, let go. If your car bounces more than two or three times, then you may need a suspension repair. Repeat on the back.

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